Terms & Conditions

Make Marketing Happen Club

 1. When do these terms apply?

  • These terms and conditions apply to your membership of the Make Marketing Happen Club (MMH) and the use of the Club resources on our website www.watertight.webschool and via any platform or app. They apply to you as an individual and to the business, organisation, or practice to which you belong.
  • These terms and conditions may be updated or revised at any time. If you want to keep a copy of the terms that applied when you joined, then please download, save, or print them.

2. What to expect

  • We will both act professionally and respectfully during your membership.
  • You will read these terms to understand what you can and cannot do.
  • We are here to give you space and rhythm to your marketing activities, not to create your entire marketing strategy or do it for you. If you want specific advice, then you can book time with us. Details of how to do this can be found in the Club.
  • We will process, store, and handle any data provided by you lawfully, fairly, and transparently; and only for the purpose of the Club: see our privacy policy.
  • The best way to contact us is using our website contact form; although you can also send us post to our registered office, or telephone/email using the details on our website: https://watertightmarketing.com/contact-us/.
  • If you are not satisfied with the Club, its resources, acts of other members or anyone acting on our behalf, please email us asap and before making any public comment eg on social media. We want to be given a chance to correct any issues and to understand your concerns - please contact us (see above).
  • Your Club membership does not include these items which you can buy separately: JourneyBrain Programme; one-to-one coaching; conferences or training events; The Opportunity Group Digital Marketing Apprenticeship; Watertight Marketing books or merchandise; consulting engagements; or other products and services we may offer from time to time.

3. Joining the Club

3.1 Becoming a member

  • Membership is open to anyone except marketing coaches, consultants, advisors, or other marketing agencies and marketing service providers.
  • We may accept or reject your application for membership at our discretion. In the unlikely event your membership is rejected, we will end your access to the Club and refund your membership fees, pro rata for any time you have already used the resources.  
  • Your membership package sets out the items to which you have access, although these may vary from time to time.
  • The minimum length of membership is one year and there is no maximum – although we cannot promise that the Club will remain open indefinitely. You can substitute a new member to replace any that leave during a membership year.
  • To the extent permitted by law, our liability for breach of contract relating to your subscription package is limited to the last 12 months’ fees paid under your contract with us. We are not liable to you for loss of profit, indirect or consequential loss, for events beyond our reasonable control, or for data or security issues.

3.2 Membership Fees

  • Your membership fees are agreed at the date of joining and will continue until you cancel. If you re-join at a later date your membership fees will be at the published prices stated on our website when you re-join.
  • Your fees are payable yearly in advance to which UK VAT will be added, unless your membership is part of another package you have bought.
  • No fees will be refunded if you cancel your membership. However, you may substitute another person in your company to replace a member who has left your company.
  • If you owe us any membership fees or other sums, we may suspend or withdraw your access to the Club or any other services.
  • Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel before the date of renewal.
  • Any group discounts depend on the continued membership of one member at the full price.
  • If you want to dispute a payment, please contact us (see clause 2) explaining your concerns.
  • If you make any unjustified chargebacks, you will repay the charge-back within 7 days as well as pay £50 compensation to cover our administrative, financial, and third-party expenses.

4. What you can do with the Club resources

We own all rights (including copyright) in our website and the Club resources, however accessed or made available.

As a member you have access to a wide range of the Club resources which can be accessed by a web browser from our website, or other platforms and technologies. You will get the most from your membership if you use the Club resources. Except as set out in clause 5, you can:

  • view, print, download, save, and store pages, pdf documents and pdf files in the the Club resources for your own use;
  • attend live online sessions via relevant platforms or stream (but not download or screen record) pre-recorded audio and video files;
  • use our website services;
  • share links from our publicly available (non-membership) websites to any person.

Whilst we use every care, we do not promise that the Club resources are accurate, complete and are (or will be maintained as) up-to-date. We may remove the Club resources from time to time.

5. What you cannot do with the Club resources

As a member we want you to use the Club resources to boost your marketing activities. However, you must not:

  • use or exploit our resources to make money from our expertise for example in engaging or advising your own clients, or in your own consulting business, unless we licence you to do so;
  • convert documents to new formats, edit or otherwise modify any of our resources;
  • create derivative works from any of our resources;
  • show our resources in public eg at talks or virtual sessions, distribute them or add them to your own website (even with attribution);
  • screen record or download any video and audio content;
  • try and get around any restrictions we impose on access to our resources based on your subscription package.

6. The Club Rules

6.1 Sharing Content

  • You should treat content shared by anyone (you, us, or other members) as confidential. Please do not disclose it to others.
  • Club members and other selected clients will be able to see and hear what you share within the Club and, whilst we ask all customers to treat information as confidential, you should consider carefully what you want and ought to share in the the Club groups, events, and forum.
  • Your content and the way you interact with other members should be respectful, your content must be your own, and you must meet the rules of any relevant platforms.
  • Please do not post anything illegal, inaccurate, abusive, or offensive. We may delete any content which we consider does not meet our values. Please contact us (see clause 2) to report any unlawful material or activity which breaks these rules.
  • Any content that you provide to us, for example comments or uploads in the learning platform, as well as videos of your participation in our live sessions will be visible to other members. We will not distribute it elsewhere without your prior permission.
  • Our website uses cookies: see our cookie policy.
  • Our logos and our other intellectual property, such as trademarks, belong to us. You may not use them.
  • You do not have any permission relating to any intellectual property belonging to third parties which is on our website or through any other platform or app. We have no responsibility for third party websites and content that are hyperlinked from the Club website or in the Club resources. 

6.2 Using Other Platforms or Technologies

  • We will use third party platforms and technologies to engage with members and you can choose to accept any invitations and use those platforms and technologies as set out in these terms, and those of the relevant platforms.
  • We may remove you from any platform if you break our terms, the group rules, or the platform’s rules. Once your Club membership ends, we will remove you from any other platform and you will not be able to access the content from any app.
  • We can close any current platform and/or move the Club access to another platform at any time.

6.3 Restrictions on Use

You must not:

  • share your user ID and password with anyone else or allow them to access the website, live sessions or the Club resources – your membership is personal to you and creates no rights for third parties;
  • create a user ID liable to mislead or to impersonate anyone;
  • undermine the rights of others, or the integrity of the website or the Club resources;
  • collect data relating to Club members;
  • transfer, sub-contract or otherwise pass on any of your rights and duties relating to the Club, except with our prior permission.

6.4 Ending your membership

  • If you are in breach of these terms, we may send you a warning, temporarily suspend or cancel your account including access to the Club resources, and/or bring legal proceedings. We may also delete, unpublish or edit any or all your content.
  • We may edit your account details and/or cancel your account at any time. If we cancel when you are not in breach, then we will give you reasonable notice and refund fees paid for services after the date of our cancellation.
  • You may cancel your membership in a few simple steps through your account. You will not be entitled to a refund but as this is an annual membership, access will remain until the end of your paid membership period.

7. Legal information

  • These terms and conditions are governed by and construed under English law. The English courts will be able to hear any disputes relating to them and enforce any wards or decisions. 
  • All intellectual property is owned by Watertight Marketing Ltd and the Make Marketing Happen Club is operated by Watertight Business Thinking Ltd.
  • We reserve the right to transfer ownership of the Club to any other company.
  • We are registered in England and Wales under registration number 13579036, and our registered office is at Unit 14 Bath Road, Wick, Bristol, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, BS30 5RL. Our VAT number is 391591667.