What matters most to effective marketing, context or competence?

Episode #9

Topic: Competence has long seen to be a key factor in determining how effective your marketing is. We see this as a combination of experience, knowledge and skills. 

Those factors are no doubt important. However, a marketer is unlikely to thrive and be truly effective, however good they are, if the business doesn’t provide the right context. That is: a clear vision and plan, active support, a voice at Board level, a common understanding of what marketing is and isn’t.  

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Here are the LinkedIn profiles of the contributors to this discussion:

Bryony Thomas, Watertight Marketing

Rachael Wheatley, Watertight Marketing

Cheryl Crichton, Make Marketing Happen Club

Peter Baynes, Peter Baynes Marketing

Kerry Turney, Lumina Technologies


Maggie Mutkovicova, Cydea  

Kristyna Kroblova, White Label Loyality

Claire Thorpe , Claire Sophia Communications

Lucy Morewood, HCML Rehabilitation Solutions


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