Watertight Wednesday

Watertight Wednesday

Hosted by: Bryony Thomas & Rachael Wheatley

Find out what we talked about in our Watertight Wednesday open forum this month! Serious marketing people having fun talking about strategy!

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How do your colleagues perceive marketing?

Episode #1

Topic: How do your colleagues perceive marketing? If you are a marketer in a scaling business, the first audience you should be characterising is your colleagues. How they perceive marketing has a direct impact on how...
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What is marketing strategy?

Episode #2

Topic: What exactly is marketing strategy, how is it different from a tactical plan? This discussion looks at defining and sequencing strategic questions, and helping non marketers understand what is needed to enable...
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Getting buy-in on your marketing budget

Episode #3

Topic: Many people not in the marketing team have a view that marketing budgets are not always well justified. They can come across as more of a cost rather than being activities from which the business can derive...
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