Creating seamless marketing, sales and service teams

Episode #10

Topic: 10 years ago the CIM predicted that by 2022 there would be no such thing as separate marketing and sales departments. It turned out to be wishful thinking, but it is no less important today that customer services, sales and marketing work hand-in-hand.

There are all sorts of reasons why they are often separate, but the best reason for them not to be is that they are supporting the same customer journey. If what you want is for the customer to have a brilliant experience, then collaboration between these three teams is critical. 

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Here are the LinkedIn profiles of the contributors to this discussion:

Bryony Thomas, Watertight Marketing

Rachael Wheatley, Watertight Marketing

Cheryl Crichton, Make Marketing Happen Club

 Maggie Mutkovicova, Cydea  

 Lucy Barrott, Shentons Solicitors

Frank Mavin, Rocketmakers

Laura Page, Rightio  

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