Building your credibility within the business

Episode #18

Topic: How marketing or you are positioned in the business is critical to your success. If your boss and colleagues don’t rate marketing in general, it’s an uphill struggle to prove yourself, whatever your experience and knowledge.

So, what’s the answer? Sadly, we couldn't wave a magic wand but we did chat about how you can build your credibility within the business and what the success factors are. Some excellent insight and contributions from people round the table based on their experience. 

 See: The write up

Here are the LinkedIn profiles of the contributors to this discussion:

Rachael Wheatley, Watertight Business Thinking

Daniel Bond, RevLifter

David Pearson, Premier Partnership

Kerry Turney, Lumina Technologies Ltd

Amy Leddington, Newtown Packaging Ltd

Maggie Mutkovicova, Cydea

Simon Swan, Karo Healthcare


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