How to show impact – quick wins and long-term success

Episode #19

Topic: Whether you’re new in role or been in your current position for a while, one thing is certain. You’ll want to show the impact marketing has. That could be to the leadership team, board, stakeholders or the wider business. 

It’s not usually easy to demonstrate that impact, especially not in the short-term. Yet this is exactly what you’ll need to do sooner or later! 

What quick wins can you show?  What successes are longer term and what milestones can you put in place that will show progress? Do we need to reframe what we mean by “impact” and “success”? 

In this month’s roundtable we explored the nature of success, quick wins and longer term impact and a possible route from one to the other. 

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Here are the LinkedIn profiles of the contributors to this discussion:

Rachael Wheatley, Watertight Business Thinking

Bryony Thomas, Watertight Business Thinking 

Febronia Ruocco, FPR Executive Coaching

Luan Wise, Marketing Consultant

Natasha Milsted, The King's Fund

Paul Mills, VCMO UK

Amy Lauder, ORX Association 

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